Color My Story (CMS) – A Dynamic and Interactive Narrative Program was originally written in the mid 1990’s and later self-published in 2012. Since that time, CMS has gone through many transformations and has now emerged into what has become a multi-level workbook series called Color My Story – Finding My Way Through.

Color My Story – Finding My Way Through has been designed to assist parents and educators in supporting leadership skill development for adolescent children and teens. It offers easy-to-implement activities and learning concepts for skills which are essential in developing emotionally resilient leaders.

About Leadership

Self-Leadership encompasses the ability to lead oneself forward towards achieving personal goals. This often involves the ability to recognize the goal, set a plan, implement the plan, maintain the plan, adjustment the plan as required, and sustain this pattern over time. Knowing who we are and what we are capable of achieving helps build success into this process.

Self-Leadership allows us to set and monitor the course of our lives; providing the opportunity to realize our potential. A part of this process involves the ability to interact successfully with others; which requires both self-awareness and others awareness. Empathy, integrity and resiliency will also be required; especially for those who desire to successfully lead others.

Servant Leadership is a gift that we give ourselves and others. (RJD)

Servant Leadership stands out as a significant leadership style that emphasizes serving others, fostering collaboration, and prioritizing the well-being of the team or community. Servant Leadership encourages individuals to lead by example, to inspire others, and to work in the direction of creating positive change. These skills are teachable and through their acquisition, one can develop into a compassionate and effective leader who is capable of contributing positively to their environments.


Color My Story – Finding My Way Through My Senses is the inaugural activity package which is now available within the Color My Story Workbook Series. It has been designed to help young leaders make the connection between their sensory system and their emotions. It focuses on creating an interconnection between self-awareness and others awareness.

Color My Story – Finding My Way Through My Senses can be implemented in a variety of settings. When done one-on-one, the young leader will complete the workbook with adult guidance. Alternatively, it can be self-directed by a mature teen or young adult.

The accompanying Reference Guide provides the parent or educator with a concise overview of the purpose for each of the ten lesson activities. Included in the package, is an interactive Sensory Dial which is intended to be used within the lessons but can also be used outside of the lesson activities (i.e. before or after a social event) as well.

For small group or classroom settings, each leader will have their own workbook with one Reference Guide being provided for the parent or educator. One interactive Sensory Dial can be used within these settings. Alternatively, the adult may prefer to purchase additional copies of the Sensory Dial for each leader. For the classroom teacher, the 8.5X11 Styrine Sensory Dial may be a preferred additional option as it is highly durable and can be used over time.

CMS Video Training – Coming Fall 2024

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