Rosslyn Delmonico, M.A., (RSLP, CCC-SLP) has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over
44 years both within the private and public school systems and has had her own private practice
since 1991.

Rosslyn Delmonico, M.A., (RSLP, CCC-SLP)

Rosslyn’s passion for the area of social communication led her to research best methods for supporting the hearts and minds of our world’s most precious gifts, our children and teens!

In 2006, this passion led to the development of the COLOR MY CONVERSATION program which was originally designed to support children with social pragmatic challenges (i.e. Language Delayed, Language Learning Disordered, High Functioning Autism). Since that time, COLOR MY CONVERSATION 3rd Edition (2024) has expanded into social communication curriculum that can be used at all grade levels within the general school community. It’s fundamental learning principles can be applied within the adult population as well.

Why does social communication matter in today’s society?

Technology continues to advance at lightning speed! With artificial intelligence, we are only beginning to see the potential that transhumanists have long envisioned; the melding of humans with technology within a posthuman world. Does this sound like a good sci-fi movie? Yes, it does and yet it is our reality. This leaves one to ponder the question, “When will the world stop?” Or the better question might be, “When will WE stop?”

We can’t stop world systems from spinning out of control but we can stop ‘the world’ from spinning ‘our world’ and the worlds of our loved ones out of control. We can stop disbelieving in our ability to make a difference and start realizing that we are our children’s best hope. Whether we are parents, family members or educators, we are the ones who love and know them best. We are the ones who can answer their questions about life, love, joy, happiness, hope, courage, peace, grace and forgiveness. In this way we, not technology, are our children’s greatest answer!

Social and emotional health is of vital concern within today’s society. One might wonder what they can do to make a difference. Helplessness can turn to hope when we embrace the belief that we are the gifts that our children most long for and seek. Neither material possessions nor the quest for knowledge can replace the gift of togetherness.
Our children are entering a world that they must learn to make their own. We owe it to our future generations to offer them the gift of ‘relationship’.

 “Relationship is built through the process of communication.

Communication is enhanced through face-to-face experiences.
Face-to-face experiences present themselves in the form of social communication.
Social communication requires both skill and intuition.
Intuition comes from being connected with one’s own heart.
One’s own heart becomes connected through experience.
Experiences unfold within the act of conversation.
And that is why our conversations matter!” (RJD)

It is for this reason that Color My Conversation was developed. It is for this reason that I continue to research, create and foster the development of best methods and practices in the area of social communication. It is for ‘the children’. They are precious and so is every other human life on this planet. Which begs one final and vital question. What does it mean to be human? It is not found in the brilliance of one’s mind. Indeed, technology is proving us all to be unworthy opponents in this race. No. It is not the mind.

‘Human’ is found in the quiet places of ‘the heart’ where our emotions reside! If we fail to protect this most vulnerable treasure, in exchange for a plan laid out by ‘the mind’, our children may find themselves in the post human world where knowledge has replaced the one thing that every human being needs. Love…

If it were not for love, we would be lost… (RJD)



Why Do You Care?

Is this topic of social communication of interest to you and if so, why?  For me, there are three primary reasons.  As a Speech Language Pathologist, being interested in this area is part of my professional responsibility.  The other two reasons however, are far more impactful in causing me to specialize within this particular area of my professional practice.

I know what it is like to struggle with social communication.  As a young child, I was incredibly shy and awkward in social situations.  Because of this, I often remained silent.  It seemed to me that silence was the better choice over the shame and embarrassment of saying the wrong thing.  As a teen, the shyness impacted my ability to make friends and at the same time, I was vulnerable to peer pressure which perpetuated the feelings of inadequacy.  And yet, I knew I had the potential to lead.  I just didn’t know how to access that potential and it took me years to figure it out.


It is for this reason, that my passion for social communication continues to thrive.  I know how to help others find their way.  I have the professional knowledge, the personal life experiences and a longing within my heart to help children, teens and adults become competent and confident social communicators who also possess the emotional resiliency required to thrive amidst life challenges.

And so, I continue to write …

Color My Conversation – 3rd Edition will be available in the Fall of 2024.   In the meantime, I’m very excited to be writing fresh new materials that are now available on this website.  Check out Color My Story – Finding My Way Workbook Series and the many new products that will be made available in the months ahead J