Rosslyn Delmonico, MA, RSLP, CCC-SLP has been a Speech-Language Pathologist for over 40 years both within the private and public school systems, and has had her own private practice since 1991. Through her years of experience, she has worked almost exclusively with school-aged children and teens, with her main focus of interest being on those with language impairments.

Rosslyn saw a need for a connected and comprehensive social language program, which would take language impaired children from a basic greeting to the most complicated conversation that they were capable of having. In 2006, she started developing a speech language therapy tool for children called Color My Conversation. Since that time, it has continued to emerge as a social language based program applicable for both special needs and mainstream children.

Rosslyn discovered that her best teaching practices developed over her years of experience included movement, color, song, and hands on learning. If the children were having fun, they were engaged. When they were engaged, they were learning! Her multi sensory approach to teaching has proven to be highly effective with her students. Rosslyn’s personal philosophy is that all children are special, can learn and have something to give the world through their unique personalities.

The Conversation

A necessary task that humans engage in daily; a sometimes daunting task that can define whether or not we make it in the business world, in the social web of our community, or with our most intimate relationships with family members and loved ones.

A very simple yet incredibly important function of the human race;

that of… the CONVERSATION

– Rosslyn Delmonico