Take time for others …

Say hello and make chitchat! These are strong conversation tools that build relationships!!!

As friendships

move beyond chitchat.

Take time to talk about the things that matter to your conversation partners;

they will feel valued!

Hearts open – Emotions engage – Intimacy unfolds …

If we want our children to care about their conversations with us,

We have to matter to them …

–  R. Delmonico

Never underestimate the power of

the human heart!

Last night I lost a friend – someone who meant the world to me.

Someone I had only known for a matter of months and yet, time has no influence

when it comes to matters of the heart.

I met Bo on the first day that he arrived at my father’s care facility.

His fragile frame crumpled into his wheel chair as he sat quietly by the nursing station.

His head was bowed down low as he held his mitted hands quietly in his lap.

I went over to greet Bo and welcome him to his new home. Suddenly, this beaming smile welcomed me and out from this weakened physical body came a booming voice – a bold voice that mixed a little bit of playful mischief with a whole lot of heart!

I delighted in Bo!

I always made a point of seeking him out so we could have a little chitchat.

Our initial banter was quite predictable and fun. It would start off with me chirping in a playful and rhythmic tone “HELLO, BO!” to which; he would respond back in kind.

And then, after some light banter about our day, we would often move on to

more serious topics about life.

Bo had lived a full life – some of which he thought he had done well and

some of which he wished he had done better. Bo had some regrets and in this,

I saw his deepest sense of humanity. Bo had a humility that only can come from one who takes the time to look inward – to hold oneself accountable for one’s own choices – the ramifications of which – one uses to transform the heart!

Bo didn’t blame others for his mistakes. He took them in the chin! I saw in this, a great strength of character! What I saw in Bo was a man of integrity who

not only took responsibility for his own shortcomings but also forgave others for theirs.

Bo did not hold on to offense – rather he chose to allow the hurts caused by others

to spur on his own heart – to be kind – to be thoughtful – to be forgiving.

Bo chose to become a better person.

I loved Bo! He was my kind of people!

A person who doesn’t claim to be perfect, but in his imperfections,

one could find true beauty!

Last night was a reminder of how quickly life can change. Shortly before dinner,

I was trimming dad’s hair in his room. I could hear Bo talking with his nurse across the hallway. Without my glasses on, I couldn’t read his facial expression but it didn’t seem

like a normal day for Bo. He seemed unusually distraught –

something didn’t seem quite right!

I took dad into the chapel for a bit of quiet time before dinner. I sang some songs

as he slept quietly in his wheelchair and then we headed back to the dining room

for the evening meal. As I walked passed Bo’s table, I noticed his empty seat.

I got dad settled and looked up to see Bo outside in the garden quietly sitting alone.

Bo loved the garden – he would often spend long hours basking in the sun.

But today was not one of those days. It was cooler and dusk was setting in.

I went outside to see Bo – It felt like he needed a hug! But when I came towards him,

I could see that he was still – too still!

Bo was gone! In a moment, his life had passed from one to the next!

Though I have great joy for Bo’s gain, my heart is saddened for his loss to me.

Bo touched my heart. He showed me hope and laughter. He showed me

strength of character. He showed me a remarkable example of

love, joy, peace and forgiveness in action.

Bo, like my mother and father, will go into my minds archive as

a beautiful soul whose memory I will honor and cherish!

Thank you, Bo! I’m so thankful that we took time …

You were one good man!!!